Viral Solutions: Integrating Web Building with Digital Marketing

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Lindsey Perron, Co-Founder
In today’s digital era, intricately coded websites have replaced brick-and-mortar stores as the core of a business’ marketing endeavors. This heightened significance of websites is pushing businesses toward the need to create an imprint on the internet that best defines the uniqueness of their products and services portfolio. However, due to the ever-evolving digital world and emerging new marketing channels, web developers are finding it difficult to cope with the rise in customer demand for faster and more responsive websites. Wisconsin-based Viral Solutions addresses this challenge by offering web design services coupled with a deep understanding of market strategies to help customers bolster their marketing ventures and enhance their business processes. “Our services streamline and integrate the marketing and sales processes before building a website to ensure that their value proposition is showcased to users in an effective manner,” says Jordan Thomas.

Viral Solutions recognizes this importance of time and user experience from a marketing standpoint and leverages its marketing strategy expertise to create a website that revolves around the positioning of an organization in its respective industry and targeted clientele. Unlike most web designers, Viral Solutions empowers clients with a strategy-first approach that allows them to review the existing marketing strategy of an enterprise and devise the delivery of services accordingly. “In a recent collaboration with a sign shop, we reviewed the existing website and only updated its technology and themes for enhanced security and faster loading time, without making any significant changes to the branding and logo,” explains Lindsey Perron.

The company’s full virtual chief marketing officer (CMO) implementation comprises a segmentation process in which Viral Solutions determines the client’s target users, creates a positioning statement for them, and finally selects the appropriate tactics based on the developed strategy. This process is highly customized for every client and ranges from services for email marketing to running full-fledged Facebook and Google ad campaigns. Viral Solutions provides training services where the company’s COO schedules educational digital marketing sessions to ensure that clients can market the products and services through the website effectively after their collaboration.
Jordan Thomas, Project Manager
Highlighting the impact of Viral Solutions’ services is their success story with a client where the company helped the customer revamp their online presence. Initially, the client only had a landing page URL with no SEO optimization, resulting in a poor and complicated user experience. Viral Solutions built an SEO-friendly website with a simple shopping experience, giving them the ability to execute marketing tactics such as flash sales on a regular basis. Moreover, with Viral Solutions’ services, the client could track data and assess cart and checkout abandonment rates, which was difficult on their older website.

Viral Solutions aims to develop digital marketing strategies that best define enterprises and help them in effectively marketing themselves by utilizing our deep understanding of the marketplace

In the coming months, six members of Viral Solutions’ team are heading out to the annual Traffic & Conversion Summit in San Diego for digital marketers to gain newer insights on the upcoming digital marketing trends and technology. “We always find an innovative strategy or tactic that we can implement to great success at the event,” states Perron. In addition, the company is developing an efficient service to streamline the membership aspects of client websites due to the significant demand.

“Viral Solutions aims to develop digital marketing strategies that best define enterprises and help them in effectively marketing themselves by utilizing our deep understanding of the marketplace,” concludes Thomas.

Viral Solutions

Oshkosh, WI

Lindsey Perron, Co-Founder and Jordan Thomas, Project Manager

Viral Solutions is the brainchild of Thomas von Ahn and Christine Kelly, and was founded in 2011. They offer web-building services that revolve around data obtained from market analysis to help enterprises develop effective market strategies

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