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Jessica Hagerty, President and Operations Director
"Content is king but distribution is queen, and she wears the pants.” This statement highlights the importance of content distribution in the Internet age. To establish a foundation for a strong digital footprint, a business needs a captivating website with engaging content. That said, a well-designed website with the right content doesn’t guarantee a constant influx of visitors. The emergence of newer web-based multimedia technologies and the growing demand for a more impactful web presence for marketing and customer engagement across channels, audiences, and geographies is keeping brands on its toes.

Headquartered in Columbia, Missouri, The Evoke Group brings together its pas¬sion for digital media and expertise in content development and design to offer creative content and distribution tools that ensure improved customer engagement. “More than a web design and development firm, we are a full-service marketing agen¬cy that uses digital media and strategy to help our clients win,” says Jessica Hagerty, President and Operations Director of The Evoke Group.

The Evoke Group aims to build an impressive brand image for its clients by designing each website to emphasize the client’s core business services and unique value add. During the pre-production phase of a web project, The Evoke Group conducts in-depth meetings with the client to discuss their business model, objectives, services, solutions, and overall vision. The Evoke Group uses a secure staging site to present the new design to the client, rather than a non-interactive mockup or image file. “Our team focuses on UI/UX design while ensuring that the content and organizational structure of the website is optimized for search engines and consistent with the client’s brand,” adds Jessica. Once all webpages, elements, and integrations are developed, The Evoke Group tests the functionality of the website on devices of different screen sizes and various browsers.

The Evoke Group provides businesses with beautiful websites, graphic design, and video production services.

More than a web development firm, we are a full-service agency using digital media and strategy to help clients win."

In addition to creative production, the team utilizes digital platforms to extend the impact of their work by managing highly-targeted digital advertising campaigns and providing holistic marketing strategies based on each client’s true actionable goals. Through the use of those campaigns, The Evoke Group helps its clients re-envision the best case scenario and operating capacity of their business and then help them achieve that vision with effective marketing strategies.

A case in point, a local company approached The Evoke Group wanting a new website with specific custom elements. This company had been doing business in the area for several years and had an existing website with an outdated design and many technical flaws. The Evoke Group excitedly took on this project, and the results were immediate. The newly developed site had a modern design built for mobile users and was optimized for search engines. Soon after launch, the client witnessed an exponential increase in the online traffic, which turned into increased customer visits. Eventually, the company had to hire another staff member to accommodate the growth of its customer base.

The Evoke Group was founded in 2014 as a media production house. The company’s five-star reputation was quickly built by passionate creatives that always went above and beyond for their clients, which led to the company’s transition to the full-service digital marketing agency that exists today. The team’s focus at any given time is parallel to the goal of their client, and being a full-service agency means they bear the marketing power to evoke results.

The Evoke Group

Columbia, MO

Jessica Hagerty, President and Operations Director

The Evoke Group is a digital marketing agency that empowers brands using creative solutions

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