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James Hsieh, President & CEO
In this age of multi-faceted, spiraling internet technologies, it is crucial for enterprises to leverage best-of-breed offerings to enhance their marketing efforts, customer experience, and ultimately stay ahead of their competitors. Dynamic consumer behavior and market trends, and evolution in business practices force organizations to rethink about their marketing strategies. Having a visually engaging website alone does not translate to sales conversions, they have to be continually tweaked, and their performances monitored from a digital marketing standpoint. Compatibility across mobile devices of all shapes and sizes has become the new norm. These needs become more pressing in context to e-commerce and professional services businesses. When it comes to website development, many solution providers fail to understand the relevance of designing processes that lead to sales conversions. This is where the unique value proposition of California based Cybertegic comes in.

“We are not only a good website design and development team, but also one that is well versed in advanced digital marketing strategies,” says James Hsieh, CEO, and president at the company. As a Google and Yelp certified digital marketing agency, Cybertegic strategizes, implements, monitors and continuously improves its clients’ online branding and advertisement campaigns to meet their business objectives. An aspect that sets the company apart from the rest of the players in the space is the entire design team’s James rich experience in online marketing, which he wholly imparts to his team. James is often referred by peers to as “The Digital Marketing Jedi” for his ability to transform its clients’ online presence through well planned marketing strategy. The company is one of the few top internet marketing companies that has also carved a special niche in servicing the realm of e-commerce and professional web businesses sites.

Cybertegic specializes in four major channels of advertising to create enhanced online visibility: Social Media, Search Engine, Social Media, Shopping Comparison, and Targeted Email. It develops customized omni-channel SEO analytics and strategies pertaining to the unique requirements and business vertical of its clients. Helping enterprises gain mastery over these channels and carefully optimizing the performance of the website design over time enable the businesses to generate high volumes of targeted leads and sales to meet the needed ROI, quickly. In addition, the company tracks the performance of all the websites they design.

From a client on-boarding standpoint, Cybertegic works closely with its clients to understand their requirements and target customers. The company then goes on to assessing the right digital marketing design tools and functionalities for the website—for example, identifying and programming the right SEO keywords research to increase the clients’ website ranking on Google searches to gain traffic and brand recognition—that best fits their use case.

Websites should always be designed with a clear laser focus on generating leads or sales for the business!

The unique methodology deployed during the website design and development process helps clients to develop a foundation that meets the right kind of buyers, which ultimately translate to higher revenue and ROI.

A success story of one of their client best substantiates the unique value proposition of Cybertegic approach and service offerings. CyberPowerPC, a leading computer gaming pc systems manufacturers approached Cybertegic a prominent digital marketing agency in 2012 seeking help to increase the return on their marketing campaign. Through careful website redesign effort that empowered the site to become conversion friendly and Google search engine friendly, Cybertegic was successful in helping to increase the ROI on CyberPowerPC’s PPC advertising campaign by over 420% within a year and gotten the website to ranked in top 10 of Google under the competitive keyword “Gaming PC” which generated great sales and return for the business to meet their marketing demands. Though the agency’s solutions proved to be effective, they failed to deliver high ROI due to the company’s lower ranking in search engines. After partnering with Cybertegic, CyberPowerPC recognized the key areas to target their service offerings to. Furthermore, the company assistance identifying exact-match keywords helped them in gaining better the network traffic and consequently, sales. To this date, CyberPowerPC enjoys a synergistic partnership with Cybyertegic.

With numerous such success stories ranking client’s websites in top 10 listing of Google, Cybertegic continues to keep up their momentous presence in the website development and digital marketing landscape by aligning with the evolving trends and challenges in the space. Noticing the rising prevalence of AI and voice searches amongst the consumers and its subsequent prioritization by entities such as Google, and Amazon, Cybertegic is working on looking to designing next generation of websites that leverage the power of can range in voice search and artificial intelligence.

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Rowland Heights, CA

James Hsieh, President & CEO

With special focuses edge on e-commerce and professional businesses, the company delivers website design and development services that are centered around digital marketing strategies that generate sales