Hexagon IT Solutions: Transforming Business Operations

J Daks, Director
Truth to be told, we dwell in an age of technology where change is the only constant. This perception perfectly fits into the web development industry, keeping in view substantial technological advancements. However, partly concurring with this notion, J Daks, Director, Hexagon IT Solutions, says, “The primary concept has not changed, which is easy access to functions and better user experience.” Broadening circles of discerning opinions, his venture Hexagon IT Solutions concentrates on the core principle of providing a better user experience with its custom software solutions that range from CRM and ERP Solutions, web application, to iOS and Android application, and customized reports.

Hexagon IT Solutions offers comprehensive solutions for complicated projects. From building custom apps, 2D, 3D, AR and games to content, document and customer management systems, the company’s dynamic and skilled development team architects innovative and cost-efficient solutions with the aid of programming a robust line of products. Backed by optimized software methods, these solutions focus on streamlining workflows, assisting clients to simplify and narrow their business process online. At the core, with custom software, web application or mobile apps, the company provides easy access to content and functionalities that make the user adopt the application in their environment in a seamless and more importantly secure fashion. “The challenge is to design dynamically with excellent illustrations and images that inspire the users or organization,” states Daks. Concerning navigation, Hexagon addresses the demands of users and ensures that they click less on a website by analyzing their needs to help them in navigation.

From the branding standpoint, Hexagon IT Solutions facilitates its customers with a competitive edge through its revolutionary CMS that enables clients to manage and control their website. Branded as ‘Edifice CMS’, it comes with a complete CRM, survey, form builder, website manager, newsletter builder, ticketing system, calendar, and cards. “We are in the process of adding a plug-in e-commerce platform. We also can integrate any e-commerce platform with the CMS,” adds Danks. Currently, the company’s product portfolio comprises iSignal, Survey 360, TIME PRO, cullsy and 5th Floor Media.
With varied functionalities and features, these products have been specifically developed to bring about a complete transformation of business operations.

Their breakthrough Survey 360 Pro—a groundbreaking survey solution—helps the users in driving social media reviews, making it a disrupter in the survey platform world. Using Survey 360 Pro, the Hexagon team managed to find a solution for one of their client’s issue by triggering a survey of two questions. The real-time feedback from the client’s users helped them resolve the problem, increase productivity and enhance service quality. Besides, “Our newest product cullsy.com is a collaborative social media management platform which lets the users to explore hashtags and can populate it in event centers and their websites,” explains Daks.

We are in the process of adding e-commerce platform, which will act as a plug-in. We can integrate any e-commerce platform with the CMS

With its rich 12-years of experience, Hexagon IT Solutions’ turnkey applications resolve business roadblocks, increase productivity and foster customer-centricity with a two-way conversation culture, which results in a seamless process. Following the principle of Innovate, Develop and On Time Delivery, the company leverages resolute methodologies and processes to develop cost-effective products with a focus on quality by providing real-time updates through an online management system, making them experimental, bugs-free, and secure. Apart from defined methodologies, talented workforce, extensive experience and secure solutions, the company’s transparency, conceptual approach and the capability to provide scalable, tailored and viable product are what make it second to none.

Hexagon IT Solutions is perpetually revolutionizing the WebSphere, and building solutions that enable any mid-size to large companies reach their goals. The company is launching its products in Asia this month and has been successful with their beta testing.

Hexagon IT Solutions

Lehi, UT

J Daks, Director

Provides customized software solutions with client satisfaction as the major goal

Hexagon IT Solutions