Bayshore Solutions: Bridging the IT and Marketing Divide

Kevin Hourigan, President & CEO
In this age of technology, it’s how a business evolves and innovates that counts. Despite the marketing sphere being subjected to a paradigm shift in some niches, the clash of IT and marketing departments continues to plague businesses. Bringing this feud to an end, marketing and development strategies demand to bridge the IT and marketing gap. An epitome of true team collaboration, Bayshore Solutions bails companies out of this challenge with its award-winning design and development solutions, acting as a conduit that helps the IT and marketing teams to work together. With a methodology that has been practiced and perfected over the years, the company provides end-to-end digital marketing solutions, taking their client business to the next level. “We are a digital marketing agency, with a core focus on technology, and marketing horsepower integrated within our organization,” says Kevin Hourigan, President and CEO of Bayshore Solutions.

Founded 22 years ago, Bayshore Solutions’ core stems from its strong technical background along with extensive expertise in digital marketing and website development. The company’s well-crafted mission statement—the superior provider of integrated technology and marketing solutions that drives measurable client success—serves as a framework, providing everyone involved a launch pad to put their proven methodology to work. As a top-tier website development company, Bayshore Solutions aid the clients to strengthen their e-commerce business with web development, digital marketing, creative services, brand storytelling, analytics and measurement, and cloud-based hosting. In doing so, an ASP.NET framework is leveraged wherein the company—an experienced nopCommerce Gold Solutions Partner—delivering custom e-commerce solutions across all industries. From the content management perspective, Bayshore Solutions works in partnership with Sitefinity to build and host Sitefinity CMS websites. With this broad level of intelligence and one-stop capabilities, the team also enables efficient marketing automation in collaboration with HubSpot.

Typically a client engagement begins with attaining an in-depth understanding of the client story/journey, followed by adding content, designing, development, and deployment of the same on the website. The next leg of the process encompasses accomplishing the marketing objectives.

We are a digital marketing agency, with a core focus on technology, and marketing horsepower integrated within our organization

Donning their marketing hat, the team markets the brands by designing and developing marketing campaigns, SEO, paid search, paid social media, email marketing, and content marketing. The company’s digital marketing team aids the clients in growing their online business; giving a voice to the client’s story for increased qualified traffic, creation of opportunities, and increased conversion rate.

What really makes Bayshore Solutions second to none is their capability, as Hourigan likes to put it, to turn “the weakest link into the strongest piece.” “We bring all our stakeholders, both on the customer and the agency side, into the process of roadmapping to draw a clearer picture of all the requirements,” he adds. The value proposition of their solutions can be best explained by their recent partnership with a manufacturing client. Considering that the manufacturer had not been in the e-commerce world before, Bayshore Solutions designed and developed the website for them along with adding an e-commerce component to it and helping them market their product themselves. The solutions exceeded the projections with flying colors wherein the client achieved the results for six months in a time frame of 90 days.

Although Bayshore Solutions has already reaped the results from its rich digital expertise, it is not resting on its laurels. From embracing mobile-first approach to leveraging state-of-the-art digital marketing tools, the company is closely monitoring the technological developments in the market to ensure its clients are primed to adapt to the trends. “The digital landscape is consistently changing. Our experts can identify the shiny objects and discern which of these will sustain their shine or fizzle out,” concludes Hourigan.

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Kevin Hourigan, President & CEO

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