The Creative Momentum: Facilitating Custom Web Design and Development

Michael White, President
Keeping up with an ever-changing web presence is a challenge for business owners. There are a wide range of products and services for customers to choose from. But many of the large-scale products and applications available are created in a vacuum, creating data islands and disparate data. How do you build a comprehensive IT platform around these data islands and disparate data, while keeping infrastructure, development and maintenance costs low?

As an example, companies are spending too much time comparing different data storage solutions. “In such a scenario, an architecture which allows for data consolidation and a distributed concurrency is a vital element,” says Michael White, President of The Creative Momentum, a full-service creative and digital agency based out of Atlanta. “We have extensive experience with the technology and architecture needed in these large-scale projects, which allows us to provide creative and custom digital solutions for businesses enabling them to scale while reducing infrastructure costs.”

The Creative Momentum provides a whole range of creative and digital marketing services that are designed and built with an intuitive architecture, which guides users through an incredible user experience and creating conversions. The firm’s designers and development teams focus on enhancing a client’s website and/or application to showcase their products and/ or services, while maximizing their ROI. “Through extensive collaborative and design sprints, we craft a masterpiece that solves the overarching communication problems between customers and companies,” adds White. With the firm’s Mobile Design services, clients can re-adjust the size and resolution of web pages to have better visibility in mobile devices. “We design websites and applications with the future in mind. We use the latest web coding techniques by taking full advantage of HTML5 and using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) that automatically adjusts layouts for optimal content display in any screen resolution.”

The Creative Momentum also offers custom branding and corporate identity solutions along with content strategy, logo design, and inbound marketing. To make the clients’ website more accessible, the company provides on-page optimization that allows clients to fix the site’s crawl performance leading to an improved web presence. White adds, “Our SEO audits are sophisticated and analyze the visibility of websites, problems, competitive insights, and best practices approach on how to structure content for maximum conversion within the context of constant change.”

Through extensive collaborative and design sprints, we craft a masterpiece that solves the overarching communication problems between customers and companies.

With such wide-ranging web development solutions, The Creative Momentum aims at boosting “momentum” and enhancing customer experience. For example, Southern Tots, an e-commerce website wanted to develop their website in Shopify—the social commerce company—for its content and product management. Southern Tots utilized the digital marketing services from The Creative Momentum which greatly improved their website performance. The website was redesigned and with new web development solutions in place, the client now receives real-time customer feedback that improves critical business decisions. This has doubled the revenue for the client YOY, who previously used only their Facebook page to generate sales.

"Anyone can have a beautiful website," says White. "But if it lacks the functionality and ability to get real-time customer feedback and drive critical business decisions, you've severely missed an opportunity." With The Creative Momentum’s web development abilities, clients can have custom designs showcasing their value proposition, while allowing them to scale, as the client’s business needs change.

Recently, The Creative Momentum partnered with HubSpot, a software company for inbound marketing, to architect solutions for clients that are looking to attract and engage customers online. “We are growing into more services that fit the needs of both application and software development while continuing to receive requests for UI/ UX design projects. As we continue to grow as firm, we see these efforts only increasing,” concludes White.

The Creative Momentum

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Michael White, President

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