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Jasmine Panayotov, Managing Partner
Jasmine Panayotov firmly believes her technology company has cracked the code for crucial impediment faced in Web Development landscape. “It’s all about bringing the right mix of strategies,” she says.

Jasmine Managing Partner of Proceed Innovative LLC, a web designing and internet marketing company based in Illinois is talking about challenge in designing the website to achieve higher Google rankings. “Today’s CIO’s are bogged down by inability to keep-up with ever-changing algorithm of Google search engine,” she says. While every enterprise aims for the best online presence, it becomes difficult to persistently get traffic to the website through effective SEO strategies. Proceed Innovative offers site development and design services to help build efficient websites that are easy-to-use, mobile accessible, and search engine friendly. “Our data analytics and website designing skills improve site visibility and thereby increase site traffic and ROI,” says Jasmine.

Proceed Innovative LLC utilizes several steps to assure that client’s website gets organically driven amid Google rankings. “Our company starts with the analysis of client’s current site where we meticulously differentiate between performing versus non-performing elements,” asserts Jasmine. She continues, “While we preserve the performing elements, we consequently replace the non-performing modules with the new ones.” The third step involves evaluation of website from a competitive perspective. “All of these combined with years of practical experience enables us to improve the site quality, and elevate the website’s rank in Google,” affirms Jasmine.

The company additionally offers an internet marketing tool, RestorationMasterTM Finder (RMF)., or RMF, is a cost effective lead generating website that was built and developed by Proceed Innovative to generate quality leads for professionals in the restoration and cleaning industry. RMF is highly optimized and search engine powered to appear on major search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing as well as many small local, vertical, and social media web portals. The visibility of RMF on major and local search engines helps improve the online presence of businesses included on RMF and this website will always function at a high level as it was built to adapt to new trends and technologies.

With Pay per Click costs trending up, our RMF program offers an alternative solution to generate cost-effective leads online

“With Pay per Click costs getting too high, our RMF solution offers an easy technique to generate effective leads,” remarks Jasmine. “The further advantages of the tool include 300 percent hike in ROI, and measurement of result through phone calls and forms.”

To reflect on Proceed Innovative’s expertise, Jasmine brings in an interesting case study where a large clinic having several franchises, faced predicaments with soaring cost of Pay per Click internet marketing model. With each click summing up to as much as 20-25 dollars; it became persistently difficult for the smaller clinics to compete with larger corporations. After a rigorous review, the client stepped-into web development partnership with Proceed Innovative. The company helped the clinic with its cutting-edge web solution that utilized the concept of organic listing or optimization to enhance the client’s online presence. “Our web project that incorporated both national and local listings helped the client to access potential leads and gain profits,” expresses Jasmine. Besides enhanced ROI, the client experienced other benefits such as improved market competence and customer servicing.

Proceed Innovative assists other organizations in similar ways, and keeps competition at bay by possessing unique qualities such as clear understanding of clients’ objectives, rich experience of field, and high commitment from entire team. “Every member of our company is really valuable and we together make a strong team,” says Jasmine. These capabilities are additionally followed by their efficiency to successfully market the client’s website. Having such valuable potential in hands, the company looks forward to implement their RMF model for other verticals as well. “Our firm belief on dynamic abilities of RMF makes it as impeccable choice for our product line expansion,” concludes Jasmine.

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Jasmine Panayotov, Managing Partner

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